Byron Vargas was born in Oakland, CA. He has always been fascinated by the colors and textures of the world. Naturally, he was drawn to the arts. The interest was cultivated in adolescence while watching his family capture the world on paper. Byron has immersed himself in his artistic practice, which involves heavy stylization and experimentation with medium. He uses his art to tell stories and believes that art is a vital tool in teaching lessons of generosity, self-respect, reverence, tolerance, acceptance, and love. It is because of his passion, courage of conviction, and unyielding work ethic that he has been able to finance his own education and artistic endeavors. Byron lives and works in Denver, Colorado.
Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun. This is what I feel has been lacking from children’s education and entertainment: fundamentals. It is the goal of my thesis to introduce young readers to the elements as well as some key eras in Art History. The arts have plotted and navigated the course of human society. Different art works have guided the direction of human experience. Beyond just experience, Art has been the major mode for learning and understanding reality. It has been and remains the primary source for learning and nurturing of the irresistible curiosity to which people are naturally inclined. One subset of the arts that remains true to the edification and enlightenment of the masses is Illustration. This facet of art is the method of telling a story through images without words. This tried-and-true technique has withstood the test of time as a cherished practice. For many readers and observers, sequential illustration has proven to be the most effective method to disseminate information and exposing people to various sets of values and practices. For this thesis project, I will be exercising sequential illustration to expose and demonstrate the elements of design and how they can be applied to different movements in art history. The goal is for the reader to achieve a higher and more comprehensive understanding of the arts as both an entity and a practice. Through the introduction of concepts, the practical application of those concepts to various art eras, and the analysis of how they accomplish a symbiotic arrangement, it is this project’s purpose to elucidate what art is and how approachable it can be.
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